About PCMI

PCMI helps the most exciting companies in the world achieve their goals amid rapid industry change. PCMI is a subsidiary of Americas Market Intelligence (AMI), the leading market intelligence company for Latin America. PCMI’s founders have more than four decades of market intelligence experience and have produced over 300 studies in the payments industry. These studies have covered 20+ markets in Latin America and the Caribbean as well as: Asia: China, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia Europe: Poland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Turkey Africa: Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, and South Africa, as well as other markets.

Our Philosophy

“More committed to our clients’ success than any other consultancy on earth.”
To work with PCMI is to gain access to a team fiercely driven to see you realize your dreams. We honor the investment and trust placed in our hands when engaged by a client, and through love of what we do, inspired vision of the industry, and stern commitment to a high-quality standard, PCMI consultants are champions for their clients—both the individuals and the company they represent. We are all humans collectively working on goals, and we live for those moments in which our talents and gifts align with opportunities to help others thrive.

Why payments?

Payments is the most fascinating industry in the world because it represents the net result of all human behavior. Payment is nothing more than the exchange of value conducted to achieve desired outcomes, and the technology embedded into payment systems helps humans achieve those desires faster. From legacy systems and cash, to blockchain and Web3, payments unlock the human desire to exchange, grow, and prosper. Therefore, there is no better industry to observe, learn from and add value to. We are honored to be considered consultants in this industry which is changing lives, companies and economies on a daily basis

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Helping the most exciting companies in the world achieve their goals amid rapid industry change.