2024 Payments Megatrends for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

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    Without being a cartographer, it’s easy to understand that the EMEA region is diverse, encompassing Europe, the Middle East and Africa. As a result, PCMI’s team had a bit of a challenge as it looked to present payments megatrends for EMEA in its recent series of webinars on this topic, which also covered Asia-Pacific (APAC) and the Americas (US, Canada and Latin America).

    However, the team approached the issue by looking at each area through the lenses of payment areas, such as:

    This payments areas-based approach allowed PCMI’s team to cover the tectonic shifts taking place in Europe, the Middle East and Africa while comparing and contrasting developments in each via a common criteria.

    Among the key insights shared by PCMI’s team:

    • How bank-led A2A schemes are scaling over SEPA rails in Europe

    • 3 potential impacts of new EU regulations designed to increase euro instant payment adoption

    • 4 implications for banks from multilateral projects that are underway to enable xborder payments between bank A2A services

    • How the Middle East became the world’s fasting-growing RTP market, with 30% projected RTP transaction growth rate between 2022-2027

    • The roles of a highly digitalized citizenship and a large migrant population in spurring RTP growth in the Middle East

    • In Africa, the ever-increasing overlap between banks and mobile money schemes

    • How African central banks are jumping on the RTP train while banks seek to partner with mobile money, including 3 recent integrations

    • How the Digital Euro can be used in both retail and wholesale cross-border transfers in the future

    • Why BUNA and AFAQ — long-term, regulator-driven regional schemes could displace closed-loop fintech ecosystems in the Middle East

    • In Africa, factors that improve the chances of mobile money players to succeed in cross-border payments

    • Ways that fintech is leading the way for cross-border in Africa

    • A rundown of how open banking in the Middle East is emerging in markets like Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan and Qatar

    • Which factors led to Europe and the Middle East being ahead in widespread digital ID

    • How mobile money wallets in Africa are leading digital ID implementation

    And much more.

    Click below to download the presentation with the data:

    Download the presentation: 2024 Payments Megatrends in EMEA

    Click below to watch highlights of the webinar:

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