Global Payments Megatrends—An Insightful Report for Q3 2023

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    E-commerce, RTPs, credit and everything in between

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    So far, 2023 has been fraught with uncertainty—threat of recession, high interest rates, bankruptcies, faltering VC spending, etc. Within this turmoil, even more chaos is ensuing in the payments industry, with the spread RTP networks, disruption in cross-border payments, changing regulation, and the uncertain implications of Open Finance and CBDCs. At the midway point of the 3rd quarter, PCMI has delivered an update to its annual MegaTrends report and drawn out key insights, conclusions and directional predictions in a quick infographic slideshow. We hope it will provide some clarity at this time, in which so many companies are making important prioritization plans for 2024.

    Among the key insights you’ll find:

    • A breakdown showing how alternative payments will gain ground in global e-commerce between now and 2026
    • The top areas where instant payments will disrupt next
    • The dominance of UPI in India, by the numbers
    • Where investment will flow s the economics deteriorate with domestic payments
    • 3 global trends in RTPs to watch out for
    • A look as the massive ecosystems that Mexican retail groups created to capture SEL C/D
    • Why market clusters with high remittance volume are paving the way for cross-border RTP
    • In Latin America, the payment type that promises to make the most inroads against cards
    • Why there’s a greenfield market for BNPL in Europe
    • 7 key developments with alternative credit in Asia
    • 4 key benchmarks for understanding digital payment maturity
    • In 2026, the regions where cards will be surpassed by alternate methods
    • A quick analysis of Mexico showing why cash and credit are the keys to penetrating Mexico’s e-commerce market

    And much more. Please click below to download the full report—or you can also browse a quick infographic slideshow that features some of the key highlights of the report.

    Global Payments MegaTrends

    E-commerce, RTPs, credit and everything in between

    Read a quick infographic slideshow

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    Lindsay Lehr
    Lindsay Lehr

    Lindsay Lehr is the Co-Founder and Managing Director of PCMI. With 15 years’ experience, Lindsay is specialized in the region of Latin America, executing over 400 consulting engagements for Fortune 500 clients in the region.