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Mijail Popov

Mijail Popov

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Bizum has caused a revolution in the payments industry in Spain and has become a benchmark for the real-time payments (RTP) ecosystem in Europe. In the past six years, Bizum has reached 24 million users, with an estimated penetration rate of 60% of the banked population. Bizum is close to reaching 1 billion in total transactions in 2023; in fact, its average annual transaction volume growth rate from 2019 to 2022 is as high as 166%.

In the following infographic, we share data about the impact of Bizum for RTP and explain what the future holds regarding e-commerce and in-store payments.

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Mijail Popov
Mijail Popov

Mijail Popov is a Senior Analyst at PCMI, with nearly a decade of experience advising financial institutions, fintech companies, and startups on regulatory, business, and market insights.