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A detailed infographic on real time payments in India covering daily transactions via UPI, total of UPI active users, more India payments market research

Mahesh Swaminathan

Senior Consultant – India Lead

India’s United Payments Interface (UPI) has created a tsunami in the world of real time payments system. Projected to reach 1 billion transactions per day by 2026-27 [1], with over 300 million active monthly users [2] as of Nov 2022. UPI has transformed how Indians make payments, allowing them to transfer money instantly from one bank account to another, from a customer to a business, or between individuals.

India with its leadership in digital payments infrastructure looks to lead the way forward and integrate its technology solutions with other nations with an aggressive global expansion plan.

Below we share an infographic covering why UPI has become popular, based on recent India payments market research, including projected daily transactions via UPI by 2026, insights into key features and much more.

(Enlarge infographic)

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