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Market data showing why a “regional wallet” is a strong product opportunity for payments companies focused on the Latin American travel and tourism market

While Latin America travel and tourism is often outward bound to a variety of world destinations, Latin Americans also favor a considerable amount of travel within their home region: Colombians visit the majestic natural grandeur of Costa Rica, Mexicans explore the legacy of Machu Picchu, Brazilians regale in Buenos Aires’ sophistication, and so on.

However, these millions of travelers face challenges in payments as they visit other countries, due not only to currency differences but also due to payment type availability. Below we have created an infographic to outline the opportunity that one digital wallet for Latin American travelers — one that would work from Mexico and Central America, through Dominican Republic and the Caribbean and from Colombia and Ecuador right down to Chile and Argentina — could be offered by payments companies. Our data below could make an interesting case for companies to take advantage of Latin Americans’ deep affinity for intra-regional travel.

(Enlarge infographic)

Next Steps

Contact us to find out more about how we can design an opportunity benchmarking study to help your company understand the potential for a regional wallet aimed at Latin American travelers. Of course, if your current business interests are in a different area, we can also help. Besides providing payments market research for the 20+ countries in Latin America, PCMI specializes in global payments market research and intelligence for Asia (including China, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and more), Europe (Poland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Turkey, and more), and Africa (Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana, and South Africa).

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