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Cash, digital payments, and crypto in Latin America 2022

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Cash was finally deposed as “king” in Latin America. 

Here’s what’s next.

The battle for digital payments in Latin America has always been about providing enough incentive to make what is intentionally kept invisible, visible. That has finally taken place—and in this whitepaper, PCMI’s expert report authors start off by explaining the four factors that have bolstered digital payments at the expense of cash.

From there, we deliver incisive data breakdowns of digital payments in Latin America’s 6 leading markets, including:

Payment method shares for both e-commerce and face-to face retail purchases

What’s driving Argentina’s high crypto adoption rate—and what this means for payments companies

The impact of Pix on Brazil’s digital payments market

2 key growth areas in Mexico’s payments sectors to keep track of

How gaming may be shaping the future of Peru’s payments market

Which alternative payment methods are most important in Colombia

Monetizing the Metaverse

After the data-packed overview of the top 6 LatAm payments market, Cash, digital payments, and crypto in Latin America 2022 features fresh data from an August 2022 study of cryptocurrency adoption and usage in Latin America. Here you’ll find:

Crypto penetration rates in Mexico. Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and Chile

The top 7 operations conducted with crypto in each of the above markets

Which age groups are the biggest crypto users in Latin America

How frequently do LatAm crypto users buy cryptocurrency

The top use case for crypto users who use it to make purchases

How users purchase crypto, with a breakdown of methods for each of the top 6 countries studied

Robust growth of NFT adoption in Latin America continues—despite the 2022 Crypto Winter

Payment predictions

Cash, digital payments, and crypto in Latin America 2022

wraps up by offering 3 major predictions for the coming years. These cover how e-commerce growth will affect payment usage, how much we can expect crypto adoption to grow in Latin America over the next 3 years and when money transfers will hit a plateau—and why.



Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a powerful, data-driven understanding of where digital payments are headed in Latin America—and how this can benefit companies who craft strategies reflecting these massive market shifts.

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